Meet Our Coaches

photo of Coach Katie

Katie Flaherty: From a young age Katie always loved the sport of gymnastics. Her passion for the sport led her to compete through high school for G-E-T, coach at Blue Angels throughout her college years at UW-L and judge gymnastics regularly. After living in Iowa for 5 years getting her doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Katie came back to the area to open her own chiropractic practice in Holmen, WI. Katie said, “My new business is my main priority, but I couldn’t stay away from the gym that I called my home for so many years!” Currently, she is taking on the role on interim director and coaching teams one and two! Katie With over 20 years of competing, coaching and judging she can’t wait to continue to share her knowledge with the gymnasts and parents of the club.

photo of Coach Savannah

Savannah Britton: Savannah has been a part of BAGC since she was 7 years old. She competed levels and as a part of our MAGA team. She started coaching beginner through level 3 her Sophmore year of highschool and is now coaching our MAGA Team, Exel and all levels at the club. Savannah enjoys teaching our gymnasts not only new skills but also necessary life skills.

photo of Coach Haley

Haley Bardseth: Haley has been a part of BAGC for 15 years; she started doing gymnastics in Kindgergarten through her Sophmore year of highschool. She has been coaching at BAGC since her Freshmen year and is currently coaching our level classes and assisting with out Exel and MAGA gymnasts. Haley loves kids and enjoys coaching not only to better them in their skills but to help them with listening skills and learning skills.

Photo of coach Abby

Abby Bickler: Abby is a senior at WSU. She did gymnastics for 17 years at a number of gyms around the US including Naydenov Gymnastics, Brown's Olympic Training Center, and the Austin High School gymnastics team where she made state appearances starting in 7th grade. She coaches all levels at BAGC. She enjoys working on the gymnasts form, strength, and flexibility while teaching important life lessons.

photo of Coach Teagan

Teagan is a junior at UWL. She was a Gymnast at Palmer’s Gymnastics in Bloomingdale, Illinois for 15 years, competing through USAG level 9 and training through level 10. She coaches MAGA/Excel teams. She is also the head coach of the Onalaska High School gymnastics team. Teagan looks forward to helping the gymnasts grow in and out of the gym.

photo of Coach Allie

Allison Britton: Allie is a Seinor at GET high school and she used to be a gymnast here at BAGC when she was yonger. Allie works mainly with our beginner through level 3 gymnasts. She enjoys making the sport fun while teaching the gymnasts listening and other important life skills.

photo of Coach Ellen

Ellen Mills: Ellen is a Senior at GET highschool and has been a part of the GET Gymnastics team since she was a Freshmen. She has been coaching at BAGC for 2 years and mainly works with our Beginner level through level 3. She also helps with our Wings MAGA Team and exel gymnasts. Ellen enjoys teaching the kids new skills and useful life lessons as well. She loves to see the girls love for gymnastics grow each and every day.

photo of Coach Taylor

Photo and bio of Taylor coming soon